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Properties of hornbeam

Hornbeam is considered one of the most caloric wood. According to this indicator, it is up to 10 percent more effective than oak. It emits little smoke, has a complete combustion and very high caloric content. Preferred wood for heating by customers. The wood per m3 is processed by a machine that cuts and splits them.

It is used to make popular charcoal, and in the past its wood was used to make jewelry and bicycles. It is very resistant to wear, hard and tough, so it is preferred in the manufacture of parquet, veneer, musical instruments, handles of various types of equipment, furniture. When lit, it burns without smoke, which makes it extremely suitable for use in bakeries.

This is a tree with a height of 25 meters and a diameter of 20 meters of the crown. On one hand, it is heavy, compact, solid and non-splitting, but it burns very well. Heat energy approximately 4,600 kcal / kgr.


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