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Wood and wood materials have become a preferred energy source for heating. Wood heating is more attractive, brings coziness and a specific atmosphere in the room. Firewood has a number of other advantages as a source of heat, among which is undoubtedly the price of heating. Several types of wood are most often used for heating. They are also used for cooking and heating, and sometimes as fuel for steam engines and even for steam turbines to generate electricity. They can be used indoors in furnaces, stoves, fireplaces, outdoors in furnaces or open fires.

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Depending on the size of the stove, which is used as the main means of heating a room, it may require 3-4 m³ of firewood per year. If you use it to supplement another type of heating, the cost will drop to maybe 1-2 m³. The wood we offer is processed – cut and split according to the standard of 30 cm length, as well as on individual request.

What is the “right” wood for heating the stove?

They should have:

Good heat dissipation.

High degree of flammability.

They should burn almost completely.

Waste must remain low.

All these qualities depend on both the type and quality of drying. For example, freshly cut wood is not suitable for use, as it will burn poorly and emit a lot of smoke (humidity is high). For this reason, firewood must be dried and thus considered ready for use. Trees cut down in winter are considered to be of the highest quality – it is at this point that the movement of sap is slowest.

The drying time of firewood directly depends on the number of warm days, the humidity and the place of storage of the wood during this process.

Storage of firewood

When storing prepared firewood, it is necessary to follow certain rules, with the help of which it will be easy to keep the fuel in good condition for a long time. The firewood obtained in the winter will be cut in spring, and the resulted wood material shall be arranged randomly so that the wood can dry out and stay ventilated during the summer months.