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It is preferred in most cases because it gives a good flame, but also because of the high density it has a long burning time.
Thermal energy 4,700 kcal / kgr.


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Characteristics of acacia

Many do not know that each type of wood has its own unique characteristics. So, some are ideal for construction work, others – for heating the house. Moreover, the heating device in which the fuel will burn is also important. For example, in a fireplace you need to heat with wood, which when burned smells good, but does not contain a large amount of tar. As for the stoves, wood is needed here, which not only burns for a long time, but is also characterized by high heat transfer. The ability to smoke, the amount of ash that remains in the combustion chamber, etc. are also taken into account.

Deciduous trees are more suitable for the kiln because their fibrous structure is dense. They burn densely, emit heat well

Acacia wood has increased heat emission, heats up quickly and forms embers. There is one very important feature and that is that it burns when it’s raw as well.

Acacia is a good, long burning tree. It is easy to cut, and when it is raw it splits quite well. The thick bark catches the flame quickly, and the wood beneath it burns slowly, with a soft flame, and leaves good coals. It is lighter to carry than most other hardwoods, and is so dry in nature that it burns easily even when it’s raw. It burns with a clean flame and lasts longer than any other tree with its weight. You can light a fire only from raw acacia by simply making kindling that’s thin enough. The wood per m3 is processed by a machine that cuts and splits them. They are also available in mesh sacks.


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