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Processing of firewood

They can be wholesale and small split, as well as unprocessed to a length of 2 meters:
– Cut to 2 meters
– Cut to 30 cm
– Cut and chopped wood 30 cm and are available on a pallet
“Bulk in sacks.”

It is preferred in most cases because it gives a good flame, but also because of the high density it has a long burning time.
Thermal energy 4,700 kcal / kgr.


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    Detailed information


    Mixes is a combination of several types of wood, hornbeam, oak, cer.

    Hardwoods are the best for kilns, as they have a denser structural structure, which significantly increases their burning time with constant high energy efficiency. Due to the lack of resinous substances in the composition of the wood, such firewood gives less soot and burning, preventing the rapid accumulation of soot in chimneys.

    Wood of each species has its own individual characteristics, sometimes very different from each other. Therefore, some types of wood are more suitable for construction, while others are suitable for heating homes. In addition, you should take into account that for stoves, in general, almost all firewood is suitable, but for fireplaces, you should choose the fuel that will bring into the room not only heat but also pleasant aroma that will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. For the stoves, it is optimal to choose firewood with long burning, low intensity and pronounced heat transfer.

    An important factor in the furnace is the minimum amount of smoke emitted from the burning of wood, as well as the ash left in the furnace.

    Oak is first and foremost a solid and valuable tree and only then – fuel. That is why oak firewood is elite and therefore expensive. Note: a really good pizza is prepared exclusively on oak wood.

    Not too old trees are used as firewood. When burning a really good oak tree you can feel the acrid smell, excellent aroma of the forest. All this increases the body’s tone and has a beneficial effect on people’s health. Oak has a very dense fibrous structure, so its wood is much heavier than other species. It burns much longer, but burns long enough, turning into coals that, smoldering, keep the furnace heated for a long time.

    Oak has the greatest heat dissipation. When burning firewood oak, at least 2 mW of heat is released.